Theresa Ragan: Lost in Time

This is an awesome story of an author who spent 19 years trying to get a book published, finally released it on her own, and has sold over 160,000 books in the last 10 months. The synopsis of her book sounds very interesting. Twin girls born in medieval times, one of them is sickly and sent to the future for medical aid. At the age of 24, not knowing anything of her origins, she is whisked back to the past and into a forced marriage, and no one will believe her story. Very cool twist.

But it’s the time-traveling the author endured that really moves me. 19 years of querying, landing an agent, performing 20,000-word edits at the behest of potential publishers, all to no avail. And then the desperation of self-publishing two decades later.

Welcome to the future, Theresa! And congratulations. What an incredible story of perseverance and coming out on top.

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  1. This really is awesome, Hugh. Probably head over and put it on my (virtual) Leaning Tower of TBR. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Thanks, Hugh. 19 years ago, I did set out to write Return of the Rose, my medieval time travel, and show my children that perseverance, determination and hard work would win the day! In the beginning, I thought I would write time travels forever, but out of desperation, I tried every genre that I liked to read. Finally, in 2009 I decided to write a thriller and kill off some characters to take out my frustration with the industry. That book is ABDUCTED by T.R. Ragan and has been my best seller and was recently bought by Thomas & Mercer. In fact, I have released 7 books now and sold over 300,000 books in a little over a year. It has been an AMAZING journey and I’m very grateful for every sale.

    I have enjoyed watching your success with WOOL. You are an amazing writer and an inspiration to many.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. I’ve always loved reading stories likie this!! Ms. Ragan’s books are phenomenal too, I bought one after seeing her on KB then promptly bought the rest soon after!! ;D Great stuff, I’m so glad she’s had such good luck with her indie career!!!

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