This one still tickles me…

For anyone who’s 2 books deep into the Molly Fyde series.

Embedding is disabled for this video, because some companies suck ass and care about DRM and other nonsense.

5 responses to “This one still tickles me…”

  1. Yep. Blocked completely, no can see. Creeps.

  2. Can’t see anything. What was it of?

    1. It’s an old promotional video for Land of Light. It’s blocked outside of the US. :(

  3. Hmmm – Current summary of video for U.S. viewers:

    “This video contains content from Nextmedia Interactive Limited and R.T.I., one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds.
    Sorry about that.”

    Party poopers!

  4. It’s blocked in the US, too.

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