I’m a fan of my fans

This is a strange position to be in. I may be a bigger fan of one of my fans than they are a fan of me!

I’ve been spoiled by the outpouring of artistic talent my readers have let forth lately. Promotional posters and book covers have been spawned (and paid for) through this awesome social network interplay. I’ve felt blessed.

Well, now I feel like a kept man. I feel like Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN. I feel unworthy, dirty, a slutty, trashy man trying to make sense of this dapper millionaire sitting across fine linens from me. I feel like a teenager being courted by an older man. I’m that girl from 50 SHADES OF GREY (haven’t read it, just hypothesizing).

Here’s what showed up in my inbox like a box of chocolates with every chocolate gone and replaced with canary diamonds:

Jaw, meet Floor. Floor, Jaw.

Someone drew this. Look at it again. Someone drew that. As in, the screen was blank, there were some menus and a color palette, a toolbar. They created a few layers, took digital pen to digital tablet and frickin’ drew that.

Look at her eyes. Look at the bodies on the ground (spoiler alert!). Look at the ruined city, the colors, the lighting. This isn’t mere fan art, this is a professional. Dabbling. Blowing my mind.

I’m still awed by it, every time I look at it. A-Mazing.

And wait, there’s more:

Jaw, Floor, you remember each other, right?

I got emotional when I saw this. The Wool cover might get all the FB comments because more of you have read it, but Molly fans will flip out to see their heroine for the first time. That’s her. There she is. And Anlyn to boot. And Molly’s bunk on the Parsona. I really did tear up seeing this.

So here’s the question: who is this Rembrandt Reader? How in the world did someone draw those hands and feet, the lighting on those legs, the shadow behind her head, the translucent tail on Anlyn? Who?

His name is Jasper Schreurs. He’s a professional artist who does storyboarding and art work for major companies (Adidas, Unilever, Philips, Shell, and the like). He has apparently lost some sleep to the Wool and Molly books, and with a few days off work, decided to “brush up his digital art skills.”

Jasper, you’re done brushing, my man. You’ve done brushed up against perfection.

Jasper grew up in Africa, but returned to Holland at the age of 14. He says he was sucking at school, so they threw him into art academy. His natural gifts became readily apparent. He did two years of masterclasses before a Dutch Baron who could trace his ancestry back a thousand years sent Jasper around to museums to do reproductions of his ancestors. I believe it was at this point that Jasper accidentally flicked a splotch of yellow paint onto a Rembrandt, which led to a bit of drama and a meeting with the very pleasant museum director. Yeah, this guy has defaced a Rembrandt and lived to tell about it.

After a stint in London working in advertising, Jasper finagled his way to Fiji where he lived for 13 years, married, raising his daughters, and doing magazine covers and illustrating books. It was while here that Jasper formed a counterfeiting ring.

Okay, actually, he was commissioned by the government to design and draw two of their bills. He did the 2 and 2,000. Figuring one would have more circulation, he managed to work his daughter onto the twoer (that’s her with the hat at the top right).

I asked Jasper if I could lop off an ear and send it to him in fealty. I asked Amber if we could have kids so I could send him my firstborn son. He said to forget about it and send him some signed books. I put a box in the post today to the Netherlands and sure hope it gets there.

Ladies and gentleman, I can’t tell you what this has been like for me. Not just with Jasper but with Nicole and Mike and Marianne and Kate and everyone else. With the crew of the USS The Sullivans. All these gifts and contributions, it means the world to me. I feel like a hack dabbling in wordplay over here. You people have real talent and are doing amazing things. I mean, look at that Molly Fyde cover. That’s Molly. I could cry right now just looking at it. And wait until you see the I, ZOMBIE cover that Mike Tabor put together. It’s all just too much.

Thanks, Jasper, and everyone else, for making this the craziest handful of months of my life. I’ll never be able to repay you. Any of you.

But I do have this ear, here, and I’m not putting it back on. Since Jasper has no need for it, I’ll send it to the first person who raises their hand.

27 responses to “I’m a fan of my fans”

  1. Wow! Outstanding! Now I’m just curious to see Edison and Walter and the wadi and Byrne and………………

    1. I’ve offered an arm and a leg for more covers. Jasper is worried my limbs will be in poor condition by the time they make it to Holland.

  2. That is amazing. A-MAZING. I totally called it when I said that you’ll have professionals conceptualizing your work. I totally forfeit with my drawing and totally would love to see Jasper’s rendition of all the characters, ESPECIALLY Jules. Ugh, I love it! LOVE IT.

  3. Astounding artwork, for sure, aren’t you lucky? But the story – if you ever tire of SF, Hugh, you can sure write comedy! Now my eyes are teary from laughing so much….thanks for that. sniff.

  4. I’m awed. It’s hard to fathom that a human being could just sit down and create those images from nothingness. Then again, it’s also hard to fathom that someone could just sit down and create those stories and characters from nothingness. Both talents are so foreign to me that they’re equally incomprehensible.

    So I think it’s kind of cute to see that you talented people are as befuddled by each other’s talents as us regular people are of both of you.

  5. Great literary clothing you have there! FANtastic! Both garments would look great as movie posters. (The same can be said of the new Wool cover I saw over on B&N) ;)

    It a treat to come to this blog and read about the interesting things fans do because of a book. This is what happens when an author truly captivates the minds of readers.

  6. I’m speechless. Amazing works of art.

    The Wool image has something that reminds me of the covers of sci-fi classics in the 50s/60s. But both are beautiful, in different ways.

  7. Oh, and Hugh: this blog really needs a fan art page, you know ;)

  8. David, I so agree with you. It’s amusing to watch the mutual befuddlement. ;-)

    Stunning covers.

  9. Molly Fyde Cover = WOW!!

    I own all of your e-bools, but would order a hardcopy of this book just to display it on my bookshelf.

    wow wow wow

  10. Lost for words… I don’t know whether I’ more blown away by the incredible artwork, or by your humble and touching words. People are generously sharing because you have done the same. You deserve it, Mr Howey. I’ll never be able to draw or write as well as some, but at least I can recognise great stuff :)

  11. i agree with PaulE. this is just stunning.

  12. The Wool cover is OK but that Molly cover is absolutely superb.

  13. Remarkable. You know this is what is incredible about your work. You write dark stories which end up inspiring such incredible beauty. Very few people can they had that impact on others. Very cool!

  14. Very shiny. You’re inspiring a lot of folks, HH. Your joie de vivre the creative life is like a contagion.

  15. Aleatha McBride Avatar
    Aleatha McBride

    Beautiful art and your comments are wonderful. I grew up with parents that were artists. Coming home as a child to find in the house a violinist, poet, and my mother drawing was a normal thing. And writers, artists, musicians, etc. had a safe haven to be themselves at my parents home. Creative artistic people always seem to find each other. And that marriage of creativity can be incredible.
    Thank you Mr. Howey for your writing! And thank you Jasper Schreurs for letting me see your work.

  16. Lovely! Jasper is very talented. Does this mean he is your official artist or can fans continue sending you artwork?

    1. Of course fans can submit art! That’s all Jasper was doing. :D

  17. Wow! Amazing work Jasper!

  18. Molly Fyde!!!!

  19. […] art illustrating this post was created by “Wool” fan Jasper Schreurs. If you like this story, please share […]

  20. […] art illustrating this post was created by “Wool” fan Jasper […]

  21. I am an artist and have been admiring Jasper’s artworks since he was in Fiji. I regard him as my art guru and met him once only. I do not have a private website but typing my name in search web you will be able to view my paintings. is there a website for Jasper whereby I can see all his paintings?

    1. Hey Pravin, I’m totally jealous. I would love to have met this incredible man in person. I believe he’s working on a site to showcase his art. I haven’t heard where he is on that. When I do hear from him, he’s always remarking how terribly busy he stays.

      Now I’m off to take a peek at your work. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. I am extremely grateful for the Molly picture. Intellectually I know she’s a teenager but I’ve had a terrible time picturing her as that young because she has been forced to mature so quickly. I am working my way very slowly through the series to stretch out the enjoyment and this will make the experience even better.

    Awesome, awesome artwork.

  23. Maxim van Wijk Avatar

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jasper on many occasions between 2000 and 2004 and he remains without a doubt my favourite illustrator.

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