Today at Powell’s City of Books

The event last night in Denver at The Tattered Cover will be hard to beat. We had 130+ people there, and everyone says I didn’t screw up too bad. Now I’m on my way to the airport and off to Portland.

This will be my frist time visiting. In fact, this will have been my first time to Austin, Houston, San Fran, Seattle, and KC as well. Such a joy to see so many new places. And what a thrill to meet so many readers in each town!

Tonight’s event came about due to popular demand. I’ll be at Powell’s City of Books location at 4:00 and talk/sign until 6:00. Powell’s has been awesome to me. The readers of Portland have been awesome to me. Let’s hope I don’t fuck it up.


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  1. Don’t sweat it – we need reminders that you’re human anyway. I’m sure you’ll do great (saving your best for Seattle of course!)

  2. Hugh where have you been all of my life? I have been an avid reader since I was 4 years old and I have never been truly obsessed with a series until I started reading yours! I am so trying to go to LA on Monday to meet you. I am praying to the babysitting Gods that they will send me someone to watch my kiddos! THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING BOOKS. I will continue to reccomend your work to everyone I know. Have a great time in Portland don’t forget your raincoat and burkenstocks.

  3. Last night was quite the experience. It was a pleasure to meet you (and your father), and it was great that you took the time to “talk” and shake hands with so many people. You truly are an inspiration to aspiring authors. You remain so in-touch with your fans, which is awesome. I shall endeavor to follow in your footsteps, if in fact I can get something worth a poop finished!

  4. I really regret missing you when you were in Chicago.

  5. Hugh!!!

    The copy of WOOL you signed for me at Rainy Day Books in Kansas City on Wednesday arrived in Connecticut today, Saturday! Those guys at RDB are really on the ball. So are you, and thanks for signing. This will be a very special birthday gift for my son.

  6. Thank you for entertaining me and those who I have continued to recommend to your works.
    I can only repay in recommendations to the best of what Seattle has to offer, so ask away and enjoy your visit.

  7. Hugh,

    It was amazing meeting you Saturday in Portland. You’re every bit a gentleman and ‘Everyman’. You related to fan and non-fan exactly the same way – with kindness, real interest in that person and a relaxed manner. Heck, you even shared your Elk meatloaf with me! Truly an experience we all will remember.

    Don’t forget us! Come back again someday and entertain us with you being you!

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