Trailer Review: Avatar

So, this is supposed to be the biggest thing since Titanic. My apologies to the fanboys, but I see this one going about as well as the maiden voyage from Cameron’s other blockbuster.

In spots, the CGI looks great. At least as good as Crysis and almost up there with what I just saw from District 9. Okay, that’s harsh, but really… for ten years they’ve been working to make this the prettiest film ever, and it still looks like CGI to me. Especially the faces and some of the action scenes. I think the lighting is just overblown in parts, which makes the entire trailer look like the opening sequence to a videogame.

I’m not floored by the bits of story, either. And the wheelchair just made me laugh. Control alien bodies? Check. Create bipedal exoskeleton mechs? Check. Help a brother stand up on his own? Negative.

The chair is so obviously an emotional plot device, that it ends up failing before it gets started. I don’t normally laugh at cripples, but I made an exception here. James, buddy, I hated Titanic and I hate this preview. I hope the movie is a lot better.


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