They call it the proof copy…

…cause I really need hard evidence that this is happening.

Supposedly it’s in the mail, folks. And it could arrive as soon as tomorrow, but I won’t be surprised if it’s Monday. Just in case it does come in tomorrow, here’s the plan: I’m not going to open the package and look at it without you. That’s right, I want you guys to feel included.

So, I’ve been experimenting with an integrated webcam for my site, and here’s a good opportunity to test it out. If the proof copy comes in the mail, I’ll do the unthinkable. The impossible: I’ll not open it. Instead, I’ll get the webcam set up for an 8:00 PM EST reveal.

All three of you can log in and watch me open the package. Imagine seeing the horror on my face, LIVE, when I realize they spelled my name wrong. Think of the nervous projectile-vomiting that could occur when I realize people are actually going to read the first three pages of a book I wrote. How could you miss this? How could you not tell everyone you know to tune in? How could my website possibly handle a dozen people on it at the same time?!

Tomorrow, people. If not, Saturday. Maybe Monday. Watch this space and my Tweets or suffer re-runs.

4 responses to “They call it the proof copy…”

  1. LOL – you crack me up! I am watching your tweets and if I am caught up and see it – I’ll watch!! :)

  2. Amy(aka Southernlady75) Avatar
    Amy(aka Southernlady75)

    Good for you. I’m a somewhat timid of having a webcam myself.I will,however, watch it. haha
    Congratulations on getting your book published. Pride raineth upon us all. ☺

  3. How exciting! If it’s tomorrow, I will try to remember to sign on to see it. If it’s Saturday, I’ll be gone and will have to trust it’s all just as wonderful as you’ve hoped it will be! :)

    I can’t believe how fast this is going for you. I’m almost hoping mine goes more slowly so my emotions can catch up with the progress!

  4. My eyes will be glued to the screen…anxiously awaiting the projectile vomiting (haven’t seen any of that in a while). Seriously, I think the unveiling via webcam is an awesome idea and I will do everything possible to attend. Congrats on everything! PS: I’ve been using ustream to watch my dog through my website while I’m at work (he’s very destructive) and they are very reliable.

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