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From Sandi at Goodreads:

It’s such a shame that Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue wasn’t picked up by one of the big publishing houses. It’s really one of the best young adult science fiction novels I’ve read. I liked it so much more than Ender’s Game. It’s so well paced and the characters are so engaging. I can’t believe how much action Hugh Howey packed into 283 pages. It never let up and there were surprising twists at every turn. Sadly, the big publications aren’t printing much in the way of young adult space fiction. You have vampires, wizards and dystopias, but not many spaceships and alien cultures. You especially don’t find much space fiction that have strong female protagonists who should appeal equally to girls and boys. I really loved that she spent… [Rest of review at Goodreads]

Flattering review for sure, but I would like to point out that this book wouldn’t have turned out half as well as it did HAD I published with a big house. Heck, a big house probably wouldn’t have touched it in the condition it was in when I submitted it. If you follow my little blog closely, you’ll know I credit NorLightsPress for seeing the potential in the book, and Nadene Carter for helping craft it into a final product.

I do know what Sandi means, however. This is a book that deserves a very wide readership. I think she’s probably amazed that this story is flying along under the radar. Fear not, Sandi, the book has only been out a couple months. It’s building steam. And I’d rather have it grow by word of mouth (largely through excellent reviews such as yours) than with a massive marketing push right before the big publishing house drops the book in the dust and moves on to the next thing.

Trust me. People will hear about Molly Fyde. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

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  1. Wow – to be compared to Ender’s Game…that is just phenomenal. It is so awesome to see other readers enjoying the book as much as I did. Molly is a winner!

  2. Many thanks, Hugh. You and The Parsona Rescue were a joy to work with. Lots of potential in this series!

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