USA Today’s Bestseller List

This is something I never thought I’d see: One of my books on a national bestseller list. I’m #98 in USA Today among all books.

I remember the first time I popped onto any list of any sort. It was the Science Fiction > Anthologies list on Amazon with the very first Wool book. I think it happened back in October or November of last year. It began my obsession with screen-capping my books on lists, always assuming they were about to drop right back off.

Still operating under that assumption, so here goes:

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  1. Agreed. One of the best books I’ve read this year…maybe more than a year! I am addicted to the Wool series and am now checking out other Howey books. What I’m really looking forward to is the entire Wool series published as one epic book. I’ll buy it all over again even though I can’t really afford to do so (financially). Will give up something for Wool Lent. Everyone read this book!

  2. Do you know you’re living the life, scene by scene, the way every single writer has fantasized about? It’s absolutely amazing how it has all fallen into place for you. I’m sure the future holds even more fantasies come to life. Good job and good luck!

    1. Leslie: Agreed. I’m really trying to appreciate it as it unfolds. It’s a dream come true.

  3. Awesome Hugh! I still use the #1 user rated Fiction book on Amazon to convince people how awesome the series is and that they should read it. Things are just on the up and up for you!

  4. PSH… 98 nationally?

    Wait until you get to #1, then you can post about it…

    Only sort of joking, great news that you made the top 100, but you’re going all the way to the top.


  5. Congrats! It should be (and hopefully will be) higher. LOVE the Wool series; can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Dream come true indeed, but trying to figure out what level of a dream. There’s your “dream”, then there’s the lofty dream, perhaps followed by a pipe dream, and then you have what you think can only be achieved if you had a wish from a Genie in a bottle kind of dream. Whatever, you’re living in it, and I hope it continues.

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