My last everything

The last morning in the sun porch. The last evening at the dog park. The last time I’ll eat at our favorite Mexican joint. It feels like the last everything.

Our house is a huge pile of boxes. I can’t figure out where all this stuff was hidden, or where it’ll go once we get down there.

I leave tomorrow and won’t be back until next Sunday. Monday will be our day of stuffing the truck. Tuesday, we hit the road.

For those of you with orders in for signed books, I’m really going the extra mile. I’ve got some signed and packaged that my wife will ship off on Tuesday (the post office is closed tomorrow). I’m also having her bring the books set to arrive here at the house this week when she comes to ConCarolinas. I’ll have padded mailers and printed address labels down there with me, so we’ll get the rest off on Friday before we hit the convention. The next time I ship off signed books, it’ll be from Florida, from a different post office. Because the last time I went to the post office up here was one more case of my last . . . everything.

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  1. Ah, well. Moving is never easy. You have a whole new batch of firsts to look forward to, though. Have a good week, and a safe trip moving.

  2. Moving can be tough, but there are about to be a whole lot of firsts coming up. I love firsts :)

    As an aside, how do Canadians go about ordering a signed copy of your entire set of published works? :)

    1. Great point! :D

      Canadians email me directly and we work out the shipping charges between us.

      1. Will do, thanks! :)

  3. Good luck with the move. I’ve moved a handful of times in the last decade, so I can really understand what you’re going through. I probably still have a few boxes left unpacked from last time!

  4. It’s never easy to leave a place you love. Alex and I are planning a move in a similar situation. (She’s found an awesome new job in a different town and I can work anywhere.) This is our first home together and it’s an amazing house/town/friends that we don’t want to give up. You can never go back, but you can always be open to the Next Great Adventure. Just enjoy the ride and the new things to come.

    Oh and stock up on sun-screen and bug-spray.

  5. Hugh, seeing as you’ll only be a couple hours from Orlando, drop me a line when you are in town and your beer is on me! Good luck with your move.

  6. Hugh – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    First, I received the books today, way earlier than I thought I would. I didn’t think they would even be sent until after you got back from NY.

    Second (and most important), the inscription you wrote to my sister for her 39th birthday was absolutely brilliant!! We are both avid readers who always try to get each other into the books we’ve read. She praised you up and down to no end until I finally submitted! And of course she was right. She is going to think this is the most amazing present ever.

    Her birthday is July 9th, but I will be giving it to her a couple of days ealier when we celebrate, so I’m sure you’ll be receiving a “Thank You” post from her before then.

    Also – Thank your for my signed copy as well!


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