We Have Winners!

Update: The Thumb Drives are now available on the sidebar!

Also: Someone asked about the size of the thumb drive. They’re only 256MB, so they aren’t useful for lugging tons of stuff around. Good for e-books and not much else. I like to think that adds to the Silo-esque retroness of the things, but the truth was that these puppies go up in price really fast with capacity, and I made them to give them away.

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  1. Bill Lefler (@blefler) Avatar
    Bill Lefler (@blefler)

    Morning Hugh!

  2. “…or is it going straight to eBay?”

    I laughed out loud.

    1. Me too! One of the best moments ever!

  3. You’r doing great!

  4. Hugh, I’ll intern for you in a heartbeat. How do you like your coffee?

  5. Is this live at the moment???

  6. Happy birthday to Amber!

  7. You pronounced Carl wrong, it’s J A Z Z Y .. yep, meeeeee!! Hee hee!!

  8. I just realized this is live :)

    Take a break Hugh (in response to you saying you have so much to do today) – you deserve it after Dust.

  9. Afternoon Hugh….watching from Ireland….when are you coming over here??

    1. In 2014. Right around the London Book Fair. Watch out!

  10. Testing to see if this goes through. Hello everyone!

  11. So fun to watch this live. Congrats to the winners!

  12. I JUST WON!!!!!!!

    And sorry to say, I am NOT the Kayla you workshopped with, but boy, do I wish I had been!

      1. Tatting, Bobbin Lace, Needle Tatting? I admit that I started reading Wool because I am a bit of a wool enthusiast (knitting, spinning, weaving, crocheting).

  13. I got the mail! Thank you!!! And no it won’t be going on ebay!

  14. Just another thing to add to your CV!

  15. Sooooo disappointed at losing. Soooo disappointed at being dirt poor. But, life’s looking up with another Molly Fyde book coming soon. Oh, yeah… the dirt poor thing. DAMN!

    It’s great to see so many people flocking to the sensation that is not only WOOL, but you, Hugh. You deserve it.

  16. Didn’t win, but noticed it right away when it was added to the sidebar…

    Tried to ship it directly to me to the Netherlands, but I was quoted $15 for shipping!
    For a book I understand those costs, but for a thumbdrive… wow.
    I’m glad that I have a US shipping-buddy so I’ll be getting it anyway!

    1. Obviously I’m talking about the thumbdrives… LOL.

  17. Hi Hugh,

    Just ordered a USB drive, I included a note to get it signed on the paypal payment… is that possible?


  18. heh, I was able to watch most of the video stream on my Android phone. while I worked on someones computer. I also ‘accidentally’ ordered a thumb drive

  19. Steve Bloomfield Avatar
    Steve Bloomfield

    As a Steve my heart skipped a beat when I heard my name. Oh well, congrats to the other Steve! I snagged the thumb drive and look forward to the Molly Fyde “Walter” drive. That sounds like a great idea!

  20. Hi Hugh,
    You mentioned Wool 2 & 4 from CreateSpace. Just a quick question. Did you get your own ISBNs? Or did you use ISBNs provided by CreateSpace?

  21. <—– sore loser.

  22. I am so happy for everyone who won! Congratulations everyone!

  23. Stephanie Roach Avatar

    You announced that a Stephanie Carp won. A roach is a kind of fish, so that must have been ME!!!! But I didn’t get an email. :( :( I’m sure it was an oversite. ;)

    Congrats to all the winners, even Stephanie Carp! Woohoo to you guys!

  24. Incredibly stoked! I won one of the thumb drives! Very excited.

    While the thumb drive is only 256 MB, I could always hack it! Get one with a larger capacity and then color it the same.

    I wonder though… is the cost of that flash drive cheaper than the cost of print? Thats a super creative idea for giveaways. But of course you have to trust that people you give it to have an ereader!

    1. Computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets all work. Everyone has at least one of those, I think.

      1. Well, I should probably rephrase that to “willing to read on an electronic device.”

        Only thing I read on now is my e-ink reader. Personally, I won’t read on a tablet or computer.

        1. (In a completely friendly tone)

          I love to read on a tablet or computer, so I would be glad to take your thumb drive and send a different make-“SHIFT” one to you with a larger capacity! :)

          1. lol. So kind of you :P

            I meant simply take off the thumb drive portion and replace it with another… so I’d have less to repaint.

            If I were to make a whole new card, I’d go metal.

  25. I didn’t win:(

  26. It’s almost 11:30pm, and I just spent the last 40 minutes watching this video. I figured out pretty early that I didn’t win anything, or I would have received an email. But, I still continued to watch because it was entertaining! Kudos to the winners and to Hugh for being the most personable author I’ve ever encountered.

  27. Just curious when will these be shipping out? I want to read something of the appropriate length until then.

    1. All the winning swag has been shipped except for the two people I just heard back from this weekend. Theirs will go out tomorrow.

      1. How bout those that bought the thumb drive?

        1. Most of those orders went out last Friday, so they should be arriving this week. The rest go out today!

  28. Are the winners listed somewhere? I really want to watch this, but I don’t have 40 minutes to sit & listen, right now. Or if you won, would you have been notified & know by now? Or was this your way of finding out? I just don’t want to miss out, if I won. :P :)

    Thanks in advance!! :D

    1. Yeah, I sent emails to all the winners. It looks like I may have heard back from everyone by now, but I’ll have to go through my list to double-check.

      1. Alas, I am not one of your winners. :) No worries. Thanks for responding. I already have every copy of the saga in Kindle format, anyway. I was just being greedy. :P They’re just so darned cool!! :D

        Next, I need to get these books in paperback! I only own physical books, if I absolutely adore them. (And I prefer paperback as they’re easier to hold.) These definitely apply. Thank you so much for writing them. I finished Dust on Tuesday. It was excellent!! I keep reliving the final moments. I’m going to reread the entire trilogy very soon. I wish you all the success in the world! (I’m currently reading Half Way Home. :D )

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