Weekly Roundup!

I think I should start doing some sort of weekly roundup. So much stuff is going on all at once. I post stuff on FB and Twitter, but rarely here. So this is what’s up:

A new Q&A came out this week, and I think it’s one of my best. Great questions, and I was in a gut-spilling mood.

My favorite indie sci-fi author Matthew Mather just put his entire ATOPIA series on sale for a buck. Only today and tomorrow. Jump on it!

The Mars Rover needs a rub of Wool.

The Drunken Zombie reviewed WOOL

My foresight took a massive blow when it was discovered that the silo concept dates back to the 1930s. :(

I signed books with fake blood (and some real blood, but that video is elsewhere).

And that’s a tiny fraction of what happened this week.

One response to “Weekly Roundup!”

  1. I love this–even being active on your site and being FB friends with you, I find it hard to keep up!

    The Drunken Zombie review called to my inner grammar Nazi goddess. I borrowed a page from your book and told her to STFU (with no graphics, alas).

    But you really should’ve mentioned the imminent release of the next Ben Adams WOOL print…

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