What does it do?

I honestly have no idea. I was sent this by email. I think it’s from China. If your phone blows up, it’s not my fault.

Well, it is my fault. But I’m not taking the blame.

Okay, I’m taking the blame, but I’m not buying you a new phone.

6 responses to “What does it do?”

  1. I braved it. Takes you to Wool on Amazon.

  2. No blowing up here. Just a link to Wool 1 on Amazon. Whew!

  3. Jason Lockwood Avatar
    Jason Lockwood

    You’re such a fun geek, Hugh. I love it. :)

  4. Charla Arabie Avatar
    Charla Arabie

    You are funny.

  5. Boring… (yawning) I thought it would give some trailer or something… with Juliette speaking Mandarin!

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