Why my ebooks will only be available on the Kindle

Well folks, I’m taking the plunge and adding the rest of my books to the KDP Select program. I experimented last month by putting Half Way Home and the Molly books into this program, and it’s working out better than I could have anticipated. The Kindle Select program allows books to be given away for free and allows them to be “borrowed.” This is great for the reader, and it turns out to make incredible financial sense to me.

It works like this: Amazon Prime Members (everyone should be a part of this program, for the free shipping alone) get to “borrow” one book a month, every month. The author still gets a small commission, with the caveat that the book cannot be available anywhere else. They are purchasing exclusivity, a practice common in other retail markets (particular lines of clothing, furniture) and media (some TV studios on Hulu, some on Netflix, same with movie studios).

By choosing to do this, I’ll be making all of my books Kindle exclusives. My sincerest apologies to those of you who have been reading these books on your Nooks or through the iStore. Contact me directly if you want to find out how to finish reading the series. (iPad owners can simply use the Kindle app. I have something I’ll do for Nook owners if they want to work with me directly).

This decision was not taken lightly, but the reality is that I sell .0005 Nook versions for every Kindle version. B&N just doesn’t have the tools or website to help readers discover new writers. They are pushing the same titles they display in their stores, and I can’t fault them for that. But as an indie writer (someone they wouldn’t want in their store) I need to do what’s best for me and the majority of my readers.

If I’m ever able to write full-time, which would result in more works at even higher quality for my readers, it will be because I maximized my ability to earn on my art.

I’m 100% behind the Kindle. It’s what I own, it’s what I recommend, it’s what I gifted to friends and family for Christmas. Amazon is never going out of business, not in my lifetime. They are the present and future of retail. That means my purchased library is never going to disappear. And with the Kindle software, I can read each purchased book on my PC, laptop, smartphone, or Kindle, all without losing my place between devices.

Right now, the Kindle is where I’m making all my sales, winning over all my fans, and gaining all my exposure. This is the only sane decision for me. Again, if you are impacted by this and disgruntled, please email me. We’ll discuss it.


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  1. Can’t wait to try out the borrowing books feature for amazon prime. I’ve been a member for a while but have never seen this option. Thanks for pointing it out! I can’t wait to check out your other work!

  2. Just wanted to drop you a note… my Fanfic and Harry Potter BFF rec’ed your Wool series to me while I was debating getting a Nook or a Kindle. (I used to have a Kindle Keyboard and gave it to my Mom). Since then, I’ve been reading everything from my Kindle app, but been sorely missing an eBook reading device. I know not all content is sold by both companies (Amazon and B&N respectively), seeing that yours was removed from B&N puzzled me, but after reading your post, I TOTALLY get it and from a writer’s standpoint (you, not me, I’m just a humble reader looking for escape from day to day B and C players).

    I will be going back to my Kindle, but a Kindle Touch W/O special offers, (can’t stand the aesthetic of the SO.) Thank you for sharing your “insider” experience about what’s in it for the author!

    1. You’re welcome. I definitely don’t want to make decisions like this (the kind that impact my readers) without discussing them on my blog. I’ve been very happy with my Kindle, and I don’t see Amazon going out of business and taking my cloud-stored books with them.

      Also: the special offers really aren’t intrusive. They are used like screensavers, and are often for things you’d want to buy anyway. You get coupons and what-not as well, so it often pays to have them. But I totally get the aesthetic part. My older Kindle puts up pictures of famous authors for a screensaver, and the book geek in me loves that.

  3. A friend of mine *cough* Hugh *cough* gave me a Kindle for Christmas, and it has the special offers, and I have to agree, I find them very unobtrusive. I “see” them about as much as I “saw” the screensaver on my same-size, much older, and ridiculously much heavier nook.

  4. Just bought the Wool omnibus edition from Amazon. I try to support my local booksellers through the IndieBound Reader, but their Google eBook/Adobe Digital Editions ecosystem makes it occasionally painful to do so. Don’t have a Kindle, but the Kindle Reader for Mac & iOS work great. Looking forward to reading your stories, and I hope you make a trip to our great Politics & Prose bookstore one of these days!

  5. I guess I’m one of the few folks who didn’t think the Kindle Fire held a candle (haha) to the Nook Tablet (I mean really Amazon – no SD card capability?) . I am a very happy Nook customer and not planning on buying a Fire. I see that the Omnibus is available now on B&N, so it looks like something changed.

    Just wanted to drop a line, you do have Nook fans out there!

    PS …. I found you on Goodreads which is where I go for all of my book recommendations; used to use Amazon, but GR is thousand times better.

  6. I love your wool series! I can’t wait for the next 1! I use my android phone to read your books and have no problem. Everyone seems to have a platform that runs kindle. Maybe someone will hack the nook too! Lol

  7. I have a kindle and I’ve discovered your books through the Amazon website, but am I the only one who thinks that when books can be purchased from only one bookstore freedom is somehow put at risk?

    1. No, you are not alone. And I received enough demand from other device owners that my works are now on the Nook, iBookstore, and Kobo. Even though I lose money by doing this, I understand that readers deserve choice.

  8. I have bought the book but wanted to start on my Kindle. I can’t find the first part for the Kindle anywhere free that can be downloaded in the uk?


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