WOOL 5 on Wednesday, February 1st?

Did you arrive here after googling for Wool 5? Just finished tearing through Wool 1 through 4? I promise, the wait won’t be long (can’t guarantee it won’t be agonizing, though).

UPDATE: WOOL 5 has been uploaded to the Kindle store! Should show up in 12-24 hours (sometime on the 26th of January!)

UPDATE #2: WOOL 5 is Available Now!!

I’ve set February 8th as the release date. It’s gonna be a crunch, but I’m writing as feverishly as you people are reading. I want to see how it all turns out as well!

So, if it all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to have a happy hump day in a few weeks. Be sure to check back. You don’t want to be the last kid on the block to find out how this story concludes!

17 responses to “WOOL 5 on Wednesday, February 1st?”

  1. I know you want me to take my time reading it, but once I realized Wool 2,3, & 4 existed I blew threw them in two days. Looking forward to Wool 5!

    1. It took you a WHOLE TWO DAYS?!

      I’m slipping.


  2. You betcha I googled you and made my way here!

    Found my way to Wool via Amazon recommendations and couldn’t be happier. I burned my way through all four books as quickly as I could and am now awaiting 5 anxiously.

    All I can really say is a heartfelt thank you for the passion you have so obviously poured into you work. Keep it coming and I will keep on reading and spreading the word!

  3. Thank you, Mike! I’m glad you found the site.

    I’ve tried to make February 8th a national holiday, but it looks like you all are gonna have to call in sick. I did everything I could, I promise!


  4. Thanks, Nephtie! I really appreciate you helping spread the word. The only way a small-time author like me can hope to make it is to inspire you to inspire others.


  5. February 8th can not come soon enough!!! I just bought Half Way Home yesterday and I almost finished! Love it and can’t wait to reccomend that to all my friends next!

    1. You keep recommending and I’ll keep writing!!

      And don’t forget: An Amazon review is like recommending these stories to all the millions of friends you haven’t met yet!

  6. Read WOOL on 1/6. WOOL 2 and 3 on 1/7. WOOL 4 on 1/8. Please insert whining about having to wait a whooooole month to read WOOL 5 here.

    Seriously, though, this is a fantastic series. Not sure why I waited as long as I did to buy.

    1. What’s important is that you finally caved.

      And now you can drag your friends onto the bandwagon and brag about how long you’ve been riding and all the awesome sights they missed!

  7. longhairedspider Avatar

    I bought the first part because of the name – thanks Amazon recommendations for confusing a knitting book with a post-apocalyptic thriller :) I love dsytopian fiction, and this was so fun to read. I can’t wait for the last part!

  8. Thanks, thinkmilly! And I have no idea why the comments are all out of order like this. Probably something Bernard did.

  9. Why yes, I did in fact just Google you after finishing Wool 4 last night. It’s been a long time since a story has gotten so under my skin, even into my dreams…my husband saw how absorbed I was and thought it was full of hot silo sex or something, but I really just appreciate the quality of your writing. SO good.

    Thank you for helping me remember why I love this genre so much.

    Can’t wait until Feb 8, but will bide my time catching up on your other work.

    Thanks again,

    Mary M.
    Leiden, The Netherlands

    1. Don’t tell everyone there’s no hot silo sex! Who knows what this could do to my sales!


      (glad you’re liking the books. see if you can convert your hubby into a silo junkie as well!)

  10. More importantly, how do I get on the beta-reader list :)

    1. My beta-reading list works a lot like the House of Lords. The title is either passed down through generations until your father dies and you assume the mantle, or it is purchased or traded for vast swaths of land.

      No more of Pennsylvania, please. If I take over any more of that place, they’ll have to name the woods after me.

  11. This means that Wool 5 and Orson Scott Card’s new book will be released on the same day. Top 20 battle?

    1. *tucks head between his knees*

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