WOOL 5 is Go for Launch

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a novel. Weighing in at over 57,000 words, this should be enough WOOL to cover you from your chin to your toes. Any hesitation with charging more is gone; I worked my butt silly on this manuscript. It’s gonna be a steal at $2.99 (and there’s a PayPal button for those of you who agree).

Rather than take a break, I’m sitting down in front of Indesign to paginate the interior. This still allows me to correct the occasional typo I stumble across, but it gets me one step closer to ordering a proof. Once I’m done, it’ll be time to format the Kindle edition. I see wrapping this up by the end of this week, seeing a proof sometime next week, then having a week of watching you squirm until she’s live on Amazon.

This is a huge day, I have to tell you. Finishing the last book in a story line is a billion times more rewarding than finishing one of the middle guys. There’s a sense of completion here that is difficult to appreciate. All of the crippling expectations I place on myself are gone. I’m thrilled with the final product. Now I just get to sit back and read the bad reviews.

And the good ones, of course. I read those as well.

8 responses to “WOOL 5 is Go for Launch”

  1. Congrats! Way to go. So rewarding to see those self-imposed deadlines met as anticipated.

  2. In case you can’t feel it I’m patting you on the back. Good job, glad it’s done. Looking forward to reading it!

  3. salivating… tick tock tick tock…

  4. Way to go, Hugh! I’ll gladly buy you a six pack to celebrate! (via PayPal – woo hoo!)

  5. You, sir, are a gentleman and an enabler. Kudos!

  6. Hey, any man that can dance as good as you deserves at least a six pack! ;-)

  7. Awesome, definitely looking forward to this. I have been pimping your books to everyone I know. While waiting for 5 I have also consumed The Plagiarist and The Hurricane as well as dropped a review for Wool 1 on Amazon.

    1. Thanks for the support! I really appreciate you spreading the word. I think you’re going to find WOOL 5 difficult to put down once you pick it up! :D

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