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Wool Proof Giveaway!

Oh, the anticipation. Oh, the looming envy. Nearly 200 people have entered, only 1 will walk away a winner. It’s the Great Wool Proof Giveaway Spectacular Special Live Webcam Event Sensational, and it’s upon us. Tune in tonight at 8:45 PM and laugh with me at those who wait to tune in at 9:00 PM. There will be a reading, a teasing, a rolling of the dice, and the cries of agony as many win absolutely bupkis.

Here’s how to join us: Go to

That should bring up a webcam window. Now click on the “Chat” tab on the right (it’ll be on Social Stream by default).

You should be able to log in using your Facebook account, but if you want to create a uStream account, that’s another option. You will definitely want to engage in the chat tonight. If you win (when you win), you’ll be able to tell me who to sign the copies to (if anyone) and where I should sign the slipcase (if at all).

I hope you’re able to make it! This should be an epic event! I may even dress up for it!

4 replies to “Wool Proof Giveaway!”

As a teenager that’s a huge video production enthusiast, I really hope it’s not a watercolor contest.

Why did I assume this was going to be on Google+ Hangout? I am always on the wrong page! :)

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