Writing isn’t my only talent…

…it’s just the only one that doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth.

Here’s the story: I love me some Amazon reviews. I suffer from chronic self-doubt, so a positive review gives me the boost I need to keep writing (hint, hint). When the WOOL reviews hit the 80s, I started dreaming of that nice third digit (I have the emotional maturity right now that Juliette did when she was five). The big “100.” I couldn’t wait.

So I made a stupid promise. I told my erstwhile editor, Lisa Kelly-Wilson (of WOOL’s dedication page), that I’d do a dance in a silly hat when that day came.

Little did I know, Lisa had yet to review the original WOOL. (I know, right?) So she waited. And she didn’t have to wait long. As soon as I hit 99, I knew to don my ridiculous cap, fire up my wife’s dancing game (promise), and bust some moves.

I went through Soldja Boy once, just to make sure it was hilarious enough. And then I knocked out this 3-star gem with a single take and a confident upload.

Dear God, I hope my comment system doesn’t implode. And yeah, the video hangs over to the side. Don’t let that distract you from my hot kicks.


13 responses to “Writing isn’t my only talent…”

  1. Oh, for GOD’S sake, would you PLEASE stop referring to me as “erstwhile editor” (and there should not have been a comma after that use of it)? I’m completely cool with the alternate “mentally unstable stalker.” (Seriously, I edited his works once upon a time, and then shit happened, and now I’m “erstwhile” until the end of time. Seriously? Not “friend”? Not “acquaintance”? Not “homeless bag lady I passed on the street”? Not “I keep trying to block her from the site”?

    “Little did I know, Lisa had yet to review the original WOOL.”

    LMFAO. As IF. You totally knew.

    Even so, your awesome hat, killer slippers, and amazing PJ pants made it all worth it. You’re, like, Superman, or something. (Why am I even thinking of Superman right now?)

    1. Because of my awesome chest-first leaping abilities?

  2. I just can’t decide whether it’s the hat, the pants, or the slippers that really make this ensemble.

    Also, having watched more episodes of Pop Idol and it’s affiliates than I care to admit to, I’ve learned that the REALLY good singers, are generally the ones who show at least a modicum of self-doubt. Whereas the ones brimming with hubris are generally horrible.

    So… so horrible.

    1. lmao @ tiamat!!

      Say it like this: “Hugh-bris.”

      And then ask Lisa or my wife how crippling my self-doubts can be.

  3. Bwahaha!

    I can’t believe I didn’t even make the “Hugh-bris” connection!

    1. It takes one with supreme confidence and dazzling intellect to put that together.


  4. Every year, my husband declares himself a genius for posting, on Howey’s page, “Happy birthday to Hugh.”


  5. The amount of amusement I’ve gotten out of this probably isn’t healthy. I have a thing for puns. Blame my father.

    On a mostly unrelated tangent, that painting in the background reminds me of something my mom did.

    I really want to rant about my own self-doubts, but then I’d just be starting some awful “Battle of the Self-doubters” Dueling Banjos (Why is it banjos when one of the instruments always seems to be a guitar?) type of deal.

  6. Actually the banjo duel from Deliverance is a banjo and a guitar. You’re correct Tiamat. Loved the dance Hugh, which video game is that from?

    1. It’s Microsoft Dance Central.

      And it’s my wife’s. I promise.

  7. […] a while ago, Hugh Howey did a dance video when he reached 100 reviews for a little book you might of heard of called […]

  8. That was awesome…lmbo…I read Wool and loved it but haven’t written a review so now I will get over to amazon and put in a review as this video is worth a review in exchange =)

  9. Another amazing story. I see you are coming to Toronto in June. Is the summit a public or trade event? I would love to drop by.

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