A Day With Amazon

So, the reason I’m in Santa Monica this week. Amazon has invited a group of us out to be present at some big press conference tomorrow morning. There has been speculation in the media about what they’ll be announcing, so I won’t add my thoughts here. I’m very excited to see what they’ll be saying and why they wanted us to tag along. Should be a lot of fun.

It also allowed me to meet my film agent, Kassie, for the first time. What an amazing, lovely person. She, my lawyer, and I had lunch together and gabbed for two hours. The best part about all this is the people, no doubt. The best part about ChiCon was just hanging out and chatting with readers, writers, and publishers. Awesome how such an insular and solitary endeavor has brought me so many wonderful relationships.

I wonder if Jeff Bezos will be my new BFF?

3 responses to “A Day With Amazon”

  1. Oohh, “us”! I’d love to be an “us” one day!

    You know, other than with my family.

    Does “us” just mean authors, or is it specifically self-published authors?

  2. Film agent, lawyer, readers, writer, publishers, and you. Best thing ever! Take care of you! :)

  3. Wait…what? I thought Jeff Bezos was already your BFF!

    I feel so PLAYED!

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