A Message From the Silo-at-Sea

If you’ve started LEGACY, you may have noticed mention of a certain navy vessel in chapter 1. The Wool series is very popular aboard USS The Sullivans, so I worked a mention of them into the story.

Well, I just heard from one of the sailors aboard the ship, and the box of books I sent them arrived at the last re-supply. It sounds like they may have sent me something in return (a shirt, I hope!). I’m really thrilled to have this connection to a group of young men and women who live in a little world apart from the rest of us. I think the series resonates with them because of the layout of the ship and the isolating nature of being at sea.

If you want to read the original post about the ship, here it is.

Rest assured, if a t-shirt arrives, I’ll be wearing that thing out and sending pics!

(but not in that order)

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  1. I remember you posting about them. Great tribute to them on your part.

    Now… I’m off to order the latest Wool.

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