A Minor Announcement

First, a bit of significant news: today is banner Friday, which means a new image will be making its way into the rotation above. The banner I remove will go into a forum thread I’ll create in order to warehouse the old ones. Very exciting news.

The minor announcement: today is signing day. I’ve found a publisher (NorLightsPress) for the Molly Fyde series. It’s a small house (for now!) that combines a traditional business model with forward-thinking marketing strategies and an intimate atmosphere. Nadene Carter, the lovely lady running the book side of things, is as smitten with Molly as I am, so I know the book is in good hands.

The plan is to work through the manuscript, which has been praised for its relative “cleanness,” over the next two months or so. Once we have a version we like, as faithful to the actual (and upcoming) events in Molly’s life as it can be, we’ll create a digital version of the book. This will be double-check one final time before we  print a galley proof. Barring any minor edits we need to make, the galley proof will represent the version of Molly’s story that you’ll see.

With this schedule, the book could be available as early as late September, but certainly by the middle of October. Once we get closer, we’ll have hard release dates to share.

Isn’t it nice to have your Christmas shopping sorted out in the middle of June? You should go ahead and plan on getting everyone you know a copy. This story is going to thrill and delight people, and the more readers we can share it with, the more it will grow.

2 responses to “A Minor Announcement”

  1. I am not a fan of science fiction. Yet, I read and TRULY loved this book. So, if you shoppers are worried that your granddad or niece or friend at work may not like the book (based on the genre) – think again. One of the things that has been so thrilling about this read has been how appealing it is for so many groups of people. Wherever you are in your life, there is something really touching and meaningful for you (and your friends/family)in this book.

  2. Thanks, Lazlo.

    And I don’t know why, but what Amber is saying is true. The age range for this book is about 80 years wide. And no matter what you like in a good read, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had here. The book is relentless, with very few boring bits you feel like skimming over. I hope a lot of people try the book out, ’cause I’m confident they will urge others to read it as well.

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