A Reviewer Rallying Cry!

Hey fans! I’m slaving away on book four: Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace, and I need your help. As it turns out, the Kindle edition of the Molly Fyde books are selling quite well, and I think it’s because of the awesome number of reviews I have on Amazon. In order to build more steam, I need more of these reviews! If you’ve read the books, please go write up some thoughts on why you loved them. Don’t be nervous, the review can be as conversational as this paragraph. Just rank it as high as you think it deserves, do one for each book, and state your opinion. Your few minutes of time could really help this excellent series grow and grow!

While you’re at it, tell everyone you know that has read the books to do the same. And for each of you that write reviews for the first three books, I’ll send you a free sample from the beginning of book four. And who knows, your review might turn into a blurb that makes its way in the front pages of the next entry!

Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement. These reviews do more than just help others find the series, they are what motivate me to get up every morning and work my butt off on these stories. Keep it up so I can keep driving forward!

2 responses to “A Reviewer Rallying Cry!”

  1. FIRST!

    Not the first reviewer, but the first to stick my head in here and announce “REVIEW POSTED!”

  2. Hugh! Hey man, I just posted a blurb from my review of The Parsona Rescue at Amazon. They say that it is being processed at the moment (which sounds a little Big Brother-esque to me, but eh, whatcha gon do?). Haven’t seen you in a while- hope things are well!

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