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A signed book for the Dexter lovers

This is how I’ll be signing your copies of I, Zombie!

Click here to reserve your copy now.

12 replies to “A signed book for the Dexter lovers”

I just pre-ordered a signed copy after watching this video over on Facebook! One thing though: my Wool Omnibus is signed, “Dare to Hope”, and I see the tagline for I, Zombie is “There is no Hope”. So now I’m just thoroughly confused…. ;) Can’t wait to read this one!

Haha! Welp – despite my aversion to physical goods I am going to have to preorder one of these in addition to my digital copy now! I haven’t read in a book in years and after picking up Wool I’ve been tearing through your stories, so thank you for rekindling my literary senses.

Hugh, you really go above and beyond to create unique collector copies of your works as well as unique, creative videos of a writer’s life behind the scenes. Thank you for your stellar efforts and for sharing it with all of us! Keep going strong.

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