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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Meet-up in Orlando!

If you’re in the area, come hang out with us in Orlando this Wednesday, the 8th of August. We’ll be taking over Seasons 52, a restaurant recommended by a reader. It’s a little pricey, so feel free to stuff yourself with Taco Bell and then join us just to hang out. I think we have about 10 people coming so far, so it should be a great night. Don’t miss out. We’ll start gathering at 7:00. Our reservation is for 7:15 under “Howey.” Also, feel free to stop by later; I’m sure we’ll be hanging out for a while.

Directions and information.

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I’m a huge fan of your work and just finished Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue! I’m starting Molly Fyde and the Land of Light right now and I really enjoyed Wool Omnibus! I can’t wait to read your other books and am look forward to seeing you on Wednesday! :D

Hope that your future plans would bring you to Sacramento sometime. It is a pretty cool city with the best gourmet chocolates store, Ginger Elizabeth, and lots of cool restaurants and wine bars.

So, a meetup an hour from my house when I’m actually going to be near Jupiter. Well played, Mr. Howey. Well played. But I see through your schemes…

Everyone have a blast, and I’ll catch the next one!

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