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This week’s review is a 4-star one from Mark, who is a voracious and discerning reader. I’ve been eagerly anticipating his opinion of the book and was quite pleased to hear what he came up with.

“Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue is the first book from author Hugh Howey and as far as first efforts go, this is good. Howey’s characters are well written and contain a depth that is rarely seen in popular fiction these days. His story is strong and moves along at a nice pace never getting ahead of itself or becoming taxing to read. He mixes in enough political, sociological and philosophical questions and observations to let you know that he understands and appreciates the history of science fiction. Perhaps Howey’s best trick is that even though he has written a science fiction novel that almost anyone can enjoy in no way did he dumb it down so that longtime readers of science fiction will be put off. In short, I’m impressed and I look forward to his next book.” ~Mark

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  1. Hugh Howey has written a book for all ages , keeps you on the edge and his talent for discribing and making your imagination run wild. I loved all the twists and turnes but the last chapter is riviting. Molly is a hero as is her love interest Cole. Can’t wait for more. Loved the book give it four stars. Science fiction at it’s very best. Susan

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