Another Great Night at the Tin Roof!

Last night was a blast! The Tin Roof in West Ashley invited me down to celebrate the fourth Molly book (the last in the Bern Saga). I mixed it up a little bit this time. After my awesome sister introduced me, I played some of the funny promotional clips I put together way back when (which had us all rolling), and then discussed my recent works. I mentioned how well Wool was doing on the Kindle store, gave a sneak peek at the synopsis of the next Molly book, and then read the first chapter of Wool.

Everyone seemed to dig it. I took questions afterward, which was a ton of fun. The topics were wide: some asked about my writing process, some about inspiration for particular works, some about reading order. I spent a few good minutes answering each query without getting sidetracked. It just all went so smoothly!

Afterward, people were full of compliments and seemed excited about the books. I signed a ton of copies, saw some old friends, made new ones, and generally just pumped myself up for the brutal writing schedule I have in front of me.


Here are the videos we played:

Stay tuned for pictures!

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