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Ten Years of WOOL

It’s been a decade since I wrote a little story that changed my life and kept a ton of readers up past their bedtimes.

When I wrote WOOL, I never thought I’d live to see it impact so many people. All you can dream about as a new writer is getting one person to read and love your work. Never in a million years did I foresee these books being translated into over 40 languages and for millions of people to fall in love with Juliette and her struggles in the silo. A decade on, and the themes of this story are as meaningful and powerful as ever. So it’s with great pride that I announce today new editions of my bestselling series.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will be the first publisher in the US to have publishing rights for all the books. To mark the occasion, we’ve given the books a new look. Even better, I suggested we do a box set that included my SILO STORIES, and we do something fancy and cohesive across the spines of the series, and HMH loved the idea. We wanted to create a boxset that was gorgeous but affordable. And we wanted the books to stand alone as well. I love what we pulled off. Hopefully when they come out in October, anybody who wants a boxset will be able to get one.

To see the art, head over to and check out the announcement.

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Will there be new books from you soon? Regards from Torben – still the owner of the Wool ugly edition from the giveaway.

Hey Torben! Good to hear from you. A few things on the horizon. Mostly been going back to my novelette roots lately. Stay tuned.

Those new covers are kickass. Congratulations, Hugh.

Now I’m calculating how much space I have available on my Howey shelf…

Outstanding!!! Now that I think about it, TV is better. So many stories to tell, so much time to cover, and so many Silos! It could run for YEARS!
Thank you Hugh.

If I finally make it from start to finish on the damn Perplexus Epic that you posted about however many years ago, any chance at a signed set??

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