The Phases of Life

Life comes in three phases:

1) Ignoring all advice.

2) Finally trying things and wishing you’d done them sooner.

3) Being an advocate of things and no one listening.

7 responses to “The Phases of Life”

  1. Yes. I’m 72. Listen to me, damn it.

    1. I try to listen to everyone these days. Lots to learn from the youth as well.

  2. So, are you in phase three? Look, we’ve been occupied with stuff and a lot has been going on. We’re still listening, however.

  3. Angela Gerbrandt Avatar
    Angela Gerbrandt

    The Three Phases of Life: so very, VERY true!!

  4. Succinct but true.

  5. Linda Armstrong Avatar
    Linda Armstrong

    For me the phases are:
    1. Growing, learning and listening.
    2. Already knows everything. (Teen years.)
    3. Just getting through life one day at a time. (The struggle is real.)
    4. Enjoying life and hopefully retirement. (My future.)

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