Coffee for a Caffeine-Free Writer

Due to the demands of my erstwhile editor, I have added a PayPal donate button to my front page. After seeing me dance in a silly hat, she wanted to know if there was any way in hell she could possibly give me a few bucks to never do that again. So there it is. Top right.

I suppose it could also be used by fans who feel they’ve gotten more enjoyment from the four WOOL stories than they did from either of Stephen King’s last two messes. If they feel guilty for enriching that hack* while poor writers such as myself go without coffee**, there’s probably nothing stopping them from clicking said button and passing me a tip for these long, brutal, and lonely hours of writing.


*He’s not really a hack. I look forward to him endorsing my books one day. (Better: Me endorsing one of his!)

**In the interest of transparency, I should admit that I do not drink coffee. Not habitually, anyway. The donations are more likely to go toward my power bill, which keeps my laptop happy and the stories flowing. Or my internet bill, which gets said stories to you all.

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  1. PayPal button checked–it works!

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