WOOL 5 is the 99% !!

We are legion. We are print-on-demand.

Link for non-whippersnappers.

7 responses to “WOOL 5 is the 99% !!”

  1. Need a bigger photo–my ancient eyes can’t read that, whippersnapper!

  2. Uh . . . as in: 99% completed.

    (See word count bar at left)

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to read this… And I know a few people who feel the same. But dude, take a break for a few days and let all of this sink in before you think about anything else.

    1. I’ll try. I have a talk to give on the 28th at a public library. It means an out-of-town trip, which should help clear my mind.

      (And get me prepped for my next series!)

  4. Bless you, child, for the link for us older folks.

  5. Now it’s the 98%.

    I expect revising to add another 1K – 2K. Gonna be very close to that 60K estimate when it’s done.

  6. I’m surprised I didn’t find more commentary about page 99 being labeled ‘99%’ in Shift and Dust.

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