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Das Book!

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Congratulations! Sadly in germany you basically need a translated version of a book for it to reach any sizable amount of people. Really nice quality though. Nice touch with the graphics in the middle. IIRC Piper published such greats as Perry Rhodan, so you’re in superb german publishing company.

It still gladdens me every time I think of how a book, yours case in point, can go from self-published ebook to translated hardcover nowadays.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Hugh! This is simply awesome.
Love hearing you may come to Germany for a promotion. And what I’d love even more is a signed german copy. So, be prepared, once you’re over here there’ll be no escape. :-D

Hi Howey,

I’m from Germany, and I hope so much that you will come here and do a promotion tour. I worked the last two weeks in a bookstore as a trainee and almost got one of this pre-read copy of silo :-( Now I have to wait until march to be able to buy one.

The cheet/mail says something like:

Dear colleagues,
there are stories, that brings such a power in our heads, that we cannot put them away, and even if we do we cant stop thinking about it.
Hugh Howeys novel “Silo” is such a story. It tells us about a community , which is living beneath the ground in a gigantic Silo with strong rules. But after many generations there comes a woman who criticises these rules and leaves silo – to find out about the world outside.
The American Hugh Howey published this story by himself and got many millions of readers so the story was a great succes in the USA. He also sold the film rights to ridley scott ….
It is a highlight … of year 2013 …from piper publishing
we hope you enjoy reading the book.

Yours sincerely

Its not very well translatet, I know. But maybe it interests you. Please, please come to Germany and promote your book!

Thanks so much for the translation! I think Piper is bringing me to Germany for a bit of a book tour. I hope it comes about.

What bookstore are you in? And who got the review copy? Maybe you can borrow it from them when they’re done?

I were just working as a trainee, everyone at our school does that for two weeks in his/her schooncareer. Publishers send many bookstores in the country pre-read copys, so that the people in the bookstore can think about how many they will buy from piper. I worked just in a very little bookstore, in Northern-Saxony

I hope it happens to be an European tour and it goes through Madrid :)
I still don’t know why but watching you build such a success is almost as exciting as reading your Silo series!


I am from Germany too.

You should keep a tight look on how they translate your book. In my opinion the translation of the first book is not good at all, some readers complaining about it already.

The books are much more expensive as well (2,99 Euro each!)

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