Daily Deal Round-Up!

Amazon is doing a round-up of this year’s top-selling Daily Deals, and WOOL is among them! If you missed out on the chance to grab this for a song, now’s the time. And if you’ve got any readers on your wish list, you can get them 540 pages of story for two bucks! Knock some people off your shopping list. Lots of other good deals here as well.

Black Friday Daily Deals!

4 responses to “Daily Deal Round-Up!”

  1. Glad to see WOOL get another turn as the DD. Hope it climbs the charts again.

    But really, shouldn’t Amazon’s DD be coveralls? ;)

  2. wow, and on Black Friday of all days – good luck with sales Hugh! (goes back to reading Molly Fyde)

  3. WOW! WOOL is back in the Top 10 again. As of 12:30 PM CST on 11/24/12, it’s #7.

    Go WOOL!

  4. connie fogg-bouchard Avatar
    connie fogg-bouchard

    i got the Wool… I read the Wool…. i love the Wool. i will try to be patient for more Wool. for the only thing i bought on cyber Monday, i won the lottery! thanks

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