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Gathering Dust

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I don’t know how I somehow missed that paper junkies were getting the first shot at this… Ugly cover order placed post-haste! Thanks to you I will now be checking the mailbox every 5 minutes.

I’m one of “those” who invested in a Nook instead of a Kindle. Any plans to do a pre-release order with Barnes and Noble? Can’t wait for the new book!

Nook won’t allow pre-releases from Indies. I’ll have it ready on the 17th, though. (Unless they delay the processing). A DRM-free .epub file is up for preorder on Kobo right now.

Thanks for this clarification. I was wondering this, too. My “e-ink” Nook w/ Glowlight is a pretty great device for reading. I emailed Barnes and Noble a few days ago to ask why I don’t see DUST on their website, while my girlfriend has already pre-ordered DUST for her Kindle. No response. I’m re-reading WOOL in the meantime. That’s something I never do. The Silo Saga has re-ignited my long-dormant interest in reading. Thank you, Mr. Howey.

Awesome, thank you Hugh! I’m late to finding your series, but am hopelessly hooked… and admittedly holding my cat a little closer (much to her protest) after finishing Shift. Keep up the great work! Silo is the most engaging series of books I have read in a long, long time… and I’m already buying up all your other works too.

My book may have been in this pile. Got it today and dated the 4th. Thanks a lot! Dare to Live! Good luck! Gotta go read now.

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