Gathering Dust

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  1. Wow.

    Just Wow.

  2. In two weeks we’ll all be happily reading.

  3. Your mother is going to be so glad when you get all your stuff out of her house.

  4. You need a ghost-signature-writer… or a good wrest ^^

    1. Sorry, i mean wrist…!

  5. I don’t know how I somehow missed that paper junkies were getting the first shot at this… Ugly cover order placed post-haste! Thanks to you I will now be checking the mailbox every 5 minutes.

  6. Hugh,

    Love your work!
    How would I get an autographed copy of Wool?

  7. I’m one of “those” who invested in a Nook instead of a Kindle. Any plans to do a pre-release order with Barnes and Noble? Can’t wait for the new book!

    1. Nook won’t allow pre-releases from Indies. I’ll have it ready on the 17th, though. (Unless they delay the processing). A DRM-free .epub file is up for preorder on Kobo right now.

      1. Thanks for this clarification. I was wondering this, too. My “e-ink” Nook w/ Glowlight is a pretty great device for reading. I emailed Barnes and Noble a few days ago to ask why I don’t see DUST on their website, while my girlfriend has already pre-ordered DUST for her Kindle. No response. I’m re-reading WOOL in the meantime. That’s something I never do. The Silo Saga has re-ignited my long-dormant interest in reading. Thank you, Mr. Howey.

  8. Awesome, thank you Hugh! I’m late to finding your series, but am hopelessly hooked… and admittedly holding my cat a little closer (much to her protest) after finishing Shift. Keep up the great work! Silo is the most engaging series of books I have read in a long, long time… and I’m already buying up all your other works too.

  9. My book may have been in this pile. Got it today and dated the 4th. Thanks a lot! Dare to Live! Good luck! Gotta go read now.

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