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  1. Just ordered the paperback. Thanks. Ken

  2. Kara Schickowski Avatar
    Kara Schickowski

    Are you surprised at the number of us that wanted the “ugly” cover of DUST? so…many….books….! I almost feel bad for adding to that stack of books to be signed. ALMOST. Thanks for sharing the live signing with us! And thanks to your mom for helping out. I didn’t think I could be anymore excited to get my hands on a signed copy of DUST until I got to witness “the mother of all book signings.”

  3. William in Jacksonville…
    That’s me!
    Thank you Hugh, can’t wait to receive and read Dust.
    You are great!

    And say “Hi” to you r Mom from me!

  4. After watching this video i think i can never order a signed copy from you… All that work, sorry!

    But i will sleep a night and think again ^^

    Regards from germany!

  5. Wow,
    Lots of work!
    Really cool of you to do this for your fans!!!

  6. Clayton Dennis Avatar

    Curses to internet quota time at work! I guess I’ll have to wait patiently for a couple more days to see that signed copy of Dust. Thank you Hugh for all of your work writing this series, and for all of your hard work to take care of us, your demanding and loyal fans!

  7. Kenneth Stevens Avatar

    Darn, nobody in zombie makeup wandered past the window. Maybe next time.

  8. Gday hugh, will we need to be part of the hangout to be able to order something on Wednesday?

    1. I don’t think so. There’s not a lot to order, but I’m having a small store set up for the event.

  9. Did you say that Createspace has a matte cover finish option now???

    1. Yup. I didn’t know this either until a few weeks ago. It looks great.

  10. Mine was the 3rd signed. I’m so excited! Thank you so much for going through all of this for your fans. It means a lot.

    1. I forgot to say there is no such tithing as too much bubble wrap.

  11. I made it about half way through your video but need to start shifting gears and get things done. First things first, mollify my little zombie, she is nothing short of a hurricane.
    Have you already signed my copy of Dust? I’m still hoping to see some wooly yarn goodness on the 7th and maybe get some knitting advice from your mom :).
    Is there something to copy and paste for this cat? You know, for the hangout. Do I just type in Hugh Howey?

  12. Mark Gyscek-Strauss Avatar
    Mark Gyscek-Strauss

    Hugh…. Over 2 hours! This made me laugh. Your a cutie and all but seriously….2 hours of you signing books. Ha ha.

  13. Your mother liked my inscription! I think that’s awesome!

  14. How much an hour are you paying you Mum, now that you a big author?

  15. Hugh,

    When I got home from work today I was very surprised to find a package from you waiting for me (I love the DUST return label by the way). The package arrived so early I realized I must have been in the first 100 shipped during this video. I had watched about 15 minutes when you first posted it, but now went back and found the point you signed my books (Pete in Downers Grove, IL) and then quickly proceeded to burst out laughing when I saw your mom drop both of my books after you handed them to her haha (I hadn’t even opened the box yet at this point!).

    Needless to say, I immediately opened the box and found both copies in perfect condition, not to mention signed in different colors (nice touch :)).Thanks as always, and many many thanks to your mom for helping us get our books so ridiculously quickly. I will always treasure the moment I saw her drop, and then safely package my copies of ugly DUST :)

    1. It was a tense moment, no doubt! :D

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