Get out the Vote!

Today’s amazing news! WOOL has been nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award! This is the only major book award chosen by YOU, the reader! The nomination, in fact, is because of how many of you added the book to your lists, rated it, and wrote reviews. So thank you for what is already an incredible accomplishment.

Goodreads sent me an email urging me to beg for your votes. They even suggested a video, but with no mention of dancing. Shame, that. If you loved WOOL, feel free to vote. I’ve also been nominated for a Goodreads Author of the Year Award. You know how much I’d love to win either of these. As an award that comes from you all, nothing could be better. So spread the word! Get out the Vote!

24 responses to “Get out the Vote!”

  1. Wool is all I need to make this a better world.

  2. You’ve got my vote! Wait, this is for president, right? Who better to save us from a path of total destruction?

  3. Done! Now back to re-reading WOOL!

  4. Michael Flanagan Avatar

    My vote has been cast in the positive.

  5. Done. As one of those people who have been adding Wool to my lists and reviewing and rating I was very pleased to see your book nominated. Good Luck.

  6. Wow that was an easy vote. I also wrote in I, Zombie for best horror…Another easy vote.

  7. before voting for you, i will need to know your stance on ammunition control. everybody frets over gun control, but the ammo is really what does the damage, right?

  8. Done.

    In other news… I see that Second Shift is 100%. So, hmmm…. when can we buy it? :)

  9. You had my vote at “Today’s…” Looks like you’re up against some stiff competition, though. Good luck, brother.

  10. Registered and voted. Wool is phantastic SF.

  11. Congrats and thank you for one of my new favorite books of all time! Voted!


  12. Voted!!! Best Sci Fi & Best Author. I also voted politically. Lots of voting yesterday. I feel good.

  13. I really, really love Wool!!! I fell upon it one day while waiting for another book to be released and I am hooked!! While I eschew all forms of social media, I will be voting for you in spirit (which means exactly crap in the numbers game, I know). Meanwhile, however, I have an old school campagin going – I tell everyone who will stop to listen to me for 2 minutes how fantastic Wool is! I so desperately want to read I, Zombie, but am a bit of a baby, so I have convinced my friend (a super-duper zombie enthusiast) to pre-read it for me to see if it will give me nightmares. If no, yay! If yes, at least I will have turned another person on to your works. Also, she is a big fan of the Twitter, so I’ll have her vote for you for me. LOL! I’m not as old as I sound. GOOD LUCK!!

  14. done, Done and DONE!

  15. You have my vote for author and Goodreads Choice Award for Wool. I am so glad my daughter told me about you and Wool.

  16. You got my vote too. I also have a review going up on my blog tomorrow morning.

  17. Voted, and felt happy to do it.

  18. Voted for you Hugh. I check in on your website all the time and I can not wait for Wool 7 to be available. Keep up the good work!

  19. Done!

    On a different note: when can we buy Second Shift from Amazon? I’m running out of good stuff to read. I noticed you endorsed the Atopia Chronicles, but it’s not half as good as Wool!

    Good luck!

    1. Should be up in a few weeks. :)

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