Spooky Empire!

I’m getting on the road tomorrow to head up to Orlando for Spooky Empire! I can’t wait. I hope there’s time to hit Halloween Horror Nights over at Universal. Oh, and I’ll be on a panel with the great R.L. Stine! I’m so excited about this that I have . . . butterflies in my stomach.

My panel schedule (so that I can look at my own website and see where I need to be):

Friday at 9:00 PM ~ Know Your Zombie
Saturday at 5:00 PM ~ Self Publish vs. Big Publisher
Sunday at 11:00 AM ~ Books to Film
Sunday at 1:00 PM ~ Writing Horror 101
Sunday at 3:00 PM ~ Getting Published (Moderating)

Should be a blast!


6 responses to “Spooky Empire!”

  1. Enjoy yourself, Hugh. Please be sure to let us in on whatever writing tips you get.

    As always, congrats on your success, and thanks for allowing us to come along for the ride.


  2. Loved Wool. Could not put it down. And am not usually a fan of this type of literature.

  3. That is awesome Hugh! I can’t imagine you’ll have anything but loads of fun getting to sit in on a panel with R.L Stine! But if anyone deserves to be there it’s you.


    Oh and P.S.
    …Know your Zombie?!!! That might be the coolest discussion topic ever!

  4. Looks awesome. Lots of big names of horror are present. I think I would be completely starstruck. I mean, Jason (Kane Hodder) and Freddy (Robert Englund) are going to be there. I grew up watching their movies and still watch them (more than any grown man should). Have a great time and remember “I eat therefore I, Zombie”.

  5. Terri Pawlowski Avatar

    No comment. LOL :P

  6. So close, but so far….maybe one day we’ll get to meet you at an event near us (or we’ll be near one of yours elsewhere). Sounds awesome.

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