Good things are happening!

What an exhausting few weeks this has been. We picked out a house in Jupiter, Florida a few weeks ago, and we settled on the home today. Amber and I now have a new house. It’s driving me nuts to not go down there right now and start working on it. Alas, it’ll be the first week of June before we lug ourselves and our things to our new home. I can’t wait.

That happened this morning. Half an hour later, I was sent a press release that’ll be going out on Monday, which means I’ll finally be able to reveal an awesome development in the world of Wool. It’s crazy cool news.

Then, just a few hours ago, another incredible development and the end of yet another long and arduous process. This is news that I might also be able to divulge on Monday, we’ll have to see when it becomes public.

In all, it was three brilliant things converging at once, and will easily make this one of those brilliant days to remember. More details soon. I promise. No more teasing. For now.

5 responses to “Good things are happening!”

  1. Great to hear that good things are happening to you.

    WOOL news you say? Hmm, what is it? Will Hasbro make action figures of the characters in your book? Is WOOL the next big Broadway musical?

    Can’t wait to know.

  2. Well, TIME TO PAR-TAY!!! BIAB!!! BIAB!!!! Yee-hay!!! ;)

  3. Please be an HBO series. Please be an HBO series. Please be an HBO series…..

  4. Google had some interesting results this morning :)

    Congrats Hugh that is absolutely amazing!

  5. Glad the news finally leaked so you can stop teasing us! Congratulations Hugh, more good things to come I’m sure.

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