The Wily Fox Nabs the Sheep!

Here’s the leak, which has become a torrent:

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  1. Congrats, Hugh!!! I just downloaded the Wool omnibus, and cannot wait to read. So excited to see what’s next for you. The way you’re doing you’re thing is a complete inspiration to me as a new author, so keep on truckin’ sir! Congrats again – best, EC

  2. All I can say is – WOW! Hugh, I am so happy for you – what a great team to get hooked up with!!! Can’t imagine how you and Amber are feeling right now…

  3. Congrats, Hugh! Fox will do incredible things with your world! It’s a long process, but I’m already looking forward to a WOOL movie!

  4. Yay! Don’t forget us little people!

    1. Nicole? Nicole who? I’m sorry, are you new around here?

  5. Dude… Just… Dude… Awesome… I don’t care if its made or not… this is an awesome achievement none the less!

  6. My jaw is all over the floor.

  7. What’s great about Ridley Scott is he is the master at creating worlds. Perfect director for the movie! Wow!

  8. Big, big congratulations, Hugh. Kinda figured the movie deal was coming, but sure didn’t expect Ridley Scott to be attached! Da-yammm…

    By the way, now that it’s no longer a secret, it would be great to hear the blow-by-blow story of how this all began and came together. I’m sure a lot of your fans would agree…

  9. So I guess Monday’s news will be the announcement of Steven Spielberg starting production on Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue.

  10. Just wait, once Wool is a smash hit the tagline for Molly Fyde is gonna be “From the writer who brought you the blockbuster movie Wool”. So excited for this. So excited for everything else you are going to write. All of your books are works of art. Thanks for everything.

    1. Thanks, GR! That means a ton. :D

  11. Congratulations Hugh! You have very quickly become one of my favorite writers. In fact I’m on the last few pages of The Hurricane, which is the last book/short story of yours I can find and I am dreading it! Keep up the amazing work.

  12. Congrats! Wow- see, I keep telling people that this kind of event IS possible for really really small time writers to have this kind of thing happen- but they always give me this kind- hearted little smile and nod their head. “Yeah, right, Frank. That’s nice, now go back to reality.” But this proves it IS possible. You are an inspiration to the rest of us. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Frank! I had my share of indie inspirations along the way. Crazy to think I’m having that effect on someone else! :)

  13. And don’t think of passing through Chucktown without hooking me up with one of those t-shirts yo.

  14. Congrats! I’ve been a fan for months. I just got my mother and brother into the series. So excited to see what happens!

  15. WOWSERS! I am so happy for you. You certainly deserve this and more! Congratulations Hugh.

    On a more serious note, we’re not going to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson star as Holston, will we?

    1. Paul: We can only hope!!

  16. Wow. Just wow.

    Congratulations! That is awesome. Movie option and Ridley flippin’ Scott. Even if he passed it to Tony it would still rock so hard.

    Hugh Howey = Living the dream.

  17. […] Howey has announced over on his blog that his self-published book Wool has been acquired by Fox! I couldn’t be happier for him, […]

  18. […] work with Hugh Howey on an upcoming project. He’s an indie writer who is making it big. Like, Hollywood big. Like, Ridley Scott big (no, Wool is nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey!). And the man still makes […]

  19. […] my expectations low because the chances of something actually being made remain slim,” Howey said in a video on his website. But “I munched a lot of popcorn watching Ridley Scott […]

  20. […] my expectations low because the chances of something actually being made remain slim,” Howey said in a video on his website. But “I munched a lot of popcorn watching Ridley Scott […]

  21. Congrats on the deal! :D Watching this happen to you is definitely encouraging for the rest of us self-published authors… ^_^


    1. Hey, we need all the encouragement we can get! I’m honored to contribute. Lord knows, I still need my share.

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  23. […] A Wool Movie?: Fox has acquired the movie rights to Hugh Howey’s breakout indie publisher sensation Wool. […]

  24. […] is comparing to 50 Shades of Grey for turning self-publishing into movie deals. Well, he now has a movie option deal with 20th Century Fox for his Wool Omnibus, which is going to be published by Random House […]

  25. I don’t believe in coincidences. I went to the library looking for a “good gripping book” to read. I just finished the novel The Mists of Avalon/Bradley, a long journey through Camelot and fantasy. I loved it. When I was browsing through the new books at the library, this one book (yours) jumped out at me. It had a worn cover (which meant –most likely–that a lot of people had read it.) The title was….well…not quite what would draw me to a book, but “something” told me to go for it, the draw was magnetic. Well, needless to say, my intuition was right on. I LOVED THE BOOK which contained all 5…lucky for me! But there’s only one drawback about your book: Now I’m SPOILED! I was hard pressed to find a book that gripped me and drew me into the story like yours has done. I’m now reading PURE which is quite good too. I wanted your book WOOL to go on and on and on….thank you for sharing your talent and your story. I so much enjoyed it.

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