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Here Comes ChiCon!

I just landed a few hours ago from Denver, where we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Nelson Literary Agency, and I’m already getting jazzed for Chicago! (see what I did there?)

For anyone heading to the conference, here’s how to avoid me:

Don’t go to The Emerald Loop at 8:00 on Thursday. We’ll be doing our first-ever Chicago Meet-Up. It’s going to be an absolute blast, so steer clear.

The rest of my schedule is after the break. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Moderator in bold. The Kaffeeklatsche is like a coffee hangout.

Thu Aug 30 6:00:pm Thu Aug 30 7:30:pm To Indie or Not to Indie
Columbus CD What are the pros and cons of electronic self-publication? Is it the right choice for you/your project/this moment? What are the options? What factors should you consider when making your decision? What processes are the same or different in electronic self-publication and legacy print publication?
Bill Housley Hugh Howey J. Kathleen Cheney Matt Forbeck Mike Shepherd Moscoe
Fri Aug 31 9:00:am Fri Aug 31 10:30:am New Writers Session 3
Addams A panel for new and debut authors to discuss their work and careers.
Brad Aiken Dennis Y. Ginoza Hugh Howey Janet Catherine Johnston Michael Coorlim
Fri Aug 31 3:00:pm Fri Aug 31 4:30:pm Autograph Session 5
Autograph Tables
Geoff Ryman Hugh Howey Jacqueline Carey Jacqueline Lichtenberg Mike Flynn Nnedi Okorafor Seanan McGuire Vylar Kaftan
Fri Aug 31 6:00:pm Fri Aug 31 7:30:pm Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic or Both?
Buckingham This panel will examine novels like the Hunger Games trilogy that have elements of both dystopian writing and the post-apocalyptic tradition and explore what those distinctions may mean.
Alaya Dawn Johnson Heather Urbanski Hugh Howey John Joseph Adams Marie Bilodeau
Sat Sep 1 11:00:am Sat Sep 1 11:30:am Reading: Hugh Howey
Hugh Howey
Sun Sep 2 3:00:pm Sun Sep 2 4:30:pm Kaffeeklatsche with: Hugh Howey
Kaffeeklatsche 3
Hugh Howey

7 replies to “Here Comes ChiCon!”

I am SO PUMPED about going to ChiCon! My wife, Kathleen, is an amazing person and I am just “the lucky bastard who married her”! Thanks for the early BDay present, Sweetheart! You ROCK!

Looking forward to meeting Hugh, LKW and Hubby Mike, and all the HH fans at the Emerald Loop! :D

We will pass like ships in the night. I’ll be in Chicago, but leaving for Yellowstone early A.M. Saturday.
I’ll wave as we leave and raise my coffee cup in a toast.

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