The Wool Audiobook!

You’ve learned not to trust your eyes. Now you can deceive your ears, too. The Wool audiobook has popped up on Soon, it’ll be on iTunes and Amazon.

I’m working on expanding the territories beyond the US and Canada. I don’t have any control over price, but my wife (an avid Audible user) says a membership is the way to go. You get a free credit for signing up, and Wool only costs one credit. They have some introductory deal right now that reeled me in.

My thanks again to Minnie Goode for putting so much heart and soul into this project. If you haven’t seen her behind-the-scenes video, check it out. She did a fantastic job.

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  1. Hey congrats on getting that up. Wish I could listen to books, but I’ve tried and my brain wanders too much.

      1. Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. That said, I will be ordering Wool (to read) after I finish I, Zombie which I’m loving, btw.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this! I quite reading the ebook once this was announced. Downloading it now!

  3. Well…I signed up for a gold membership but my HP tablet (Web OS) is not compatible with Audiobooks. So I called the help desk and am going to leave as is and purchase another device which I can then transfer over on. My hubby is determined to buy me a ipad which I would love to have (my birthday is Labor Day so that’s his excuse) but I was thinking on just getting an MP3 player. All this technical shit is driving me crazy! Darn, I wanted to listen tonight.

    Anyway guys, be sure your device supports Audiobook first prior to buying. I bought this HP tablet for $100 bucks when they had their firesale so I guess it was worth that at least until now. The Kindle ap is great on it plus emails, searching the web, etc.

    It’s hell to get old and become so ignorant on all this new stuff! I use to be a wiz on it. No more………..

    1. Put Android onto that HP Touchpad and then you can enjoy the Audiobook with no problems. Best $99 tablet ever once Android is on it. :)

      1. Whoa! Thank you sooooo much Jeff. You’re the man! What a awesome suggestion. Thanks again. Janet

  4. I am going to preface this with the fact that this comment is in no way a review or negative endorsement of this audiobook. I have not listened to it. This is simply for the people that want listen to it.


    Wait for it to come out on any other format than audible. I just spent my time setting up an account and downloading this audiobook with the audible trial in the original post. I even went the extra mile and chatted with an audible representative (most likely a scripted answer). They advertise any device, basically. But, the caveat is that you have to use their software, due to DRM which is not advertised. I should have spent a bit more time on before jumping into this. I was excited to listen to this book.

    For those like me (lazy in nature, lets be honest) 15 minutes on google is the extent that I will spend trying to get a file I paid for in the format I want. I really want to rant here, but this is not the proper place for that.

    So, I will simply again say to the perspective Wool listener, wait for this to come out in the format you want or at a store that you support. Audible is a waste of time. I will be canceling my account with them and I will wait for this to come out at a place where I can get what I want when I pay for it.

    For the sake of supporting the self published author I will not be returning the book to audible. I will simply cancel the account. Keep up the good work and fighting that good fight (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

    1. That’s a bummer! But I appreciate the feedback so other potential listeners will know there are compatibility issues.

      And you should get in touch via email. We’ll talk about you getting your money back or me sending you something. I can’t have you support me with nothing gained in return.

      1. You sure can. It is only $8. Consider it a beer or a large coffee :) Consider it money well spent for the extra customer service you provide to your readers on your site.

        I understand that as a writer it is in your best interest to get your material out to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. That just makes good business sense.

        I should have done my homework first. Now, others can learn from my mistakes if it applies to them as well.

        I will still read or listen to your work no need to provide things in return. Just keep doing what you are doing. It is appreciated.

  5. I ordered this right away and forwarded to a colleague at work who listens to audiobooks during her commute.

  6. I was thrilled when I saw this on audible just now. I read wool a few months ago and loved it! Especially loved the accurate knitting references. It will be a great addition to my audible library, listening to audio books keep me at the drawing board and make long commutes better.

    I’ll be sure to give it a glowing review on audible like the one I verbally spewed at my husband when I finished it. Now I just need a paper copy to give someone for the holidays. :)

  7. I checked on and so far there’s no link to the audiobook anywhere on the site. Do you know when or if it’ll show up so you can link it to your Author page? I think I actually may go this route (audiobook) because I don’t have time anymore to curl up with a good book. Sadness and woe….but YAY audiobooks!!! ;-)

  8. Just checked iTunes and it’s up!! Now for Amazon to get on board. ;)

  9. Hi there. I read the Wool Omnibus Kindle version on my iPad a while back and loved it. I suggested it to my lovely bride. She’s a huge audio book fan, and she downloaded the Wool Omnibus via our Audible account yesterday.

    Alas, there’s a problem with the Audible downloads. The five books are divided into three sections, which is confusing. Worse, however, is that the first Audible section, which should start with book one, chapter one, starts with chapter 10.

    Worse still, the second Audible section – stay with me here – ALSO starts with the exact same place in chapter 10. Both files begin with Juliette arriving back at Walker’s place.

    The third Audible section begins with book five.

    Sorry for the shaggy dog story, but someone at Audible has confused the downloadable files. The oddest part is that despite the dulplicate starts, the running time for Audible section one and Audible section two differ by about 15 minutes.

    I figured posting here would be the fastest way to sound the alert. No reviews or puzzled queries have been posted yet on Audible, and the Audible version doesn’t seem to have made it to Amazon yet. Please feel free to get in touch directly if you need further details about the Audible files.

    We’re in L.A., so we’ll also keep any eye out for details about a meetup while you’re in town.


  10. I bought the first book for Kindle on my iPad, but jumped at the chance to hear them all in audiobook format.

    Audiobook is my favorite format and fits perfectly with my work and commute. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. The narrator did a masterful job. The only negative about this audiobook was the insane number of seconds between chapters. I kept thinking there was something wrong with the down load.

    I’m 40 minutes away from the end and I’m hoping that part 6 will be in audio format in the VERY near future. Please say that is the case. Thanks.

  11. Just saw the progress of the other books below. Please stop writing anything that doesn’t further the Wool saga. I’m a very impatient person so i would very much appreciate it if a new book is ready very soon after I’ve finished the last installment. You running off to other “creative endeavors” doesn’t fit well with that.

    You can take a break in october when the next installment of The Passage comes out, but I’ll need Wool books to come fast and furious from then on. And yes, the quality should be consistent.

    Got it? Good. Glad we understand each other. :)

  12. I’m confused–the audible site now shows an unabridged audiobook by a different reader. Are there two versions?

  13. Barbara, I was wondering the same thing. Audible lists the Wool Omnibus read by Minnie Goode, and also Wool: Silo, #1; Wool, #1-5 read by Amanda Sayle.

    Can anybody clear up what’s going on here? Which is the definitive one that I should get?

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