Hints and secrets and interwoven themes

The Molly series is chock-full of hidden themes, repeated messages, homages to genre classics, and much more. Even with repeated readings, there’s no way fans could possibly tease it all out. That’s what I’m here for. To let you know it’s there.

A few things to look out for as you read these books:

How are the endings of each novel similar to the beginnings? How are they different?

What’s with the use of the Cyrillic round omega symbol? How would this relate to the structure of each book? What about Drenard?

How do the characters match up with those from The Wizard of Oz? Would a heart really fix what’s wrong with the tin man? Were Edison’s actions cowardly, or a different sort of heroic? What does my scarecrow say about conspiracy theorists?

Why do the epilogues share the same name as the overall book? Do other sections better qualify for the title? How many “Parsona Rescue’s” are there in book one? How many “Lands of Light” in book two?

What themes are covered in each book? Is there a pattern?

Why is one of the roman numeral page numbers in Land of Light a different size?

What in the world is bothering me in my author photographs?

3 responses to “Hints and secrets and interwoven themes”

  1. Okay, I’ve got a question…that hopefully fits with your post above. I want to know what the random letters/numbers mean on the page that was “intentionally written upon”. Is it a code or just a bunch a letters/numbers?

  2. Whatever it was, it was intentional.

  3. Hmmm Howey, that sounds like a challenge! We are gonna have to figure this out now!

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