Home again.

I just arrived in Monroe, North Carolina, my childhood home. Sitting at the dining room table of my father’s old farm house, a place where I spent many meals reading the book in my lap while we ate our meals, it seems a bit surreal to think of myself as a writer. Maybe it’ll take a few more books before I can. For now, I’m still just a book nut who managed to cobble a few of his own words together.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the local radio station WIXE (1190 on your trusty AM dial). It’ll probably be around 9:15 in the morning, but really, you should just tune in all day. It’s a great local AM station and the “Talk of the Town” show is a lot of fun. You can listen to their recorded programs on their website and get a taste for what I’m getting myself into.

On Thursday, it’s a triple-book-signing-package. In the morning (7-9) I’ll be at Alice Jules in downtown Monroe. From 11-2, I’ll be stationed outside The Oasis and get you hotdog-lovers taken care of. From 4-7 we’ll be invading Blu-Moon Cafe.

I’ll be there rain or shine. If you’re in the area, come by and see me.

2 responses to “Home again.”

  1. Congrats! What an exciting line-up you have!

    I actually, seriously, looked at a map to see how long it would take me to drive down there for one of your signings. How fun that would have been to be there for that!

    have a blast, and enjoy your moment in the sun. There will be more to come, I’m sure, but only one first. :)

  2. I checked out the radio station’s Web site, and it looks like the weather will be cooperating!

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