• The Pueblo West Rotary Speech

    So, I’m having dinner with family friends a few nights ago, discussing the book with a couple that read (and loved) it, when out of nowhere it’s suggested that I speak at their next Rotary club meeting. Two days later. At seven in the morning. “Absolutely,” I said, no knowing what Rotary was all about,… Continue reading

  • Signing books and meeting people.

    Two signings in the last two days (and two more over the next two). Seventeen books signed and sold, and some very interesting people bumped into. There was the lady that showed up today with a pad of paper covered in sticky notes. She was running errands for the elderly lady she cares for, and… Continue reading

  • Happy Halloween!

    How scary is that?! Today I’m off to the Boone Mall to sign some books with a few other authors. We’ll be giving away candy and terrifying children. Probably more of the latter than the former. This really is a pretty frightful day for me. Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I’m going to… Continue reading

  • Home again.

    I just arrived in Monroe, North Carolina, my childhood home. Sitting at the dining room table of my father’s old farm house, a place where I spent many meals reading the book in my lap while we ate our meals, it seems a bit surreal to think of myself as a writer. Maybe it’ll take… Continue reading