Q&A with the Enquirer Journal

This last weekend, I went camping with my wife to “get away from it all.” Which made it a perfect time for Elisabeth Arriero to call from the Enquirer Journal and interview me on my book and the publishing experience.

So I sat at our campsite and blabbed for a full hour, wondering which sentence or two they’d squeeze between ads on 12F. I nearly called Elisabeth right back and spent the next twenty minutes apologizing for talking so much.

I didn’t get to see the article in print until I got to my dad’s house today. I grabbed the Sunday edition out of the bottom of the dog’s pen, and couldn’t believe it when I saw the article leading off from the front page!

It continued on 11A, most of what I droned on about captured in gory detail. Check it out here.

2 responses to “Q&A with the Enquirer Journal”

  1. I need a “like” link for some of your posts…

  2. I think they did a particularly good job nailing some of the stuff about the publishing industry from your interview. The description of the book is adequate but does not reflect how GREAT it is. Aw well, we all know that anyway. At least that is what everyone is sharing on Amazon and Facebook!

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