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In Case You Wondered: He Really Isn’t Making This All Up

With Hugh off doing whatever it is that successful authors do when they’re not updating their Web sites, I have to share my excitement with someone! I bopped over to the NorLights Press site for a sec, and what did I see?

Coming Soon
"Coming Soon"

And yes, you do want to click the “Read More” button!

6 replies to “In Case You Wondered: He Really Isn’t Making This All Up”

Yeah, because you’ve only got–what?–nine Molly Fyde books already written? You’re falling behind!

I don’t disagree, Amber, but it’s the photo of “Molly” that always gets me. I hope the model is getting paid a lot to allow her photo on the cover of the book.

very impressive.

Not to burst your bubble, but I second what Liz said. Molly’s picture got you on the website.

Is there a deadline when the book will come out?

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