Kindle Daily Deal!

WOOL has been chosen as today’s Kindle Daily Deal! That means for ONE DAY ONLY, the five WOOL books can be had for a measly TWO BUCKS! This is crazy, people. If you know anyone who hasn’t read this work yet, now’s the time to cajole them once more. Or just gift it to them. Coffee doesn’t come this cheap.

Here’s a link to the Kindle Daily Deal page.

This will probably never happen again. There’s no way to beg or buy a KDD selection, it just happens. Sometimes it means a huge boost in a book’s ranking. So feel free to spam your social networks with the awesome news. It’s an award-winning book at a third of the original cost. And I’d love to see how much we can blow this thing up!


8 responses to “Kindle Daily Deal!”

  1. Fantastic! Just gifted it to my brother.

  2. Awesome– I have a few “on the fence” friends who don’t think they like sci-fi. For 2 bucks I know they will put their foot in the water.

  3. Wow #2 on the paid list!

    That Rowling lady might take some notes….

  4. Hehe nice. I just barely bought the omnibus the night before last. Always happens eh. However it was a really good read so I don’t regret it.

  5. You’re #2 in Kindle books! (6 PM Eastern)


  6. Being on the front page of Slickdeals is probably helping a bit.

    PS: I’ve been checking the status of Wool #7 everyday since I finished Wool 6. Can’t wait.

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