Minds Explode at 1:45

5 responses to “Minds Explode at 1:45”

  1. Wrap that as a gift under the tree :) See what people guess it is. Write stories about their guesses. Maybe not the most cheapest way to get writing prompts but…

    1. *oops left the word “most” in there. Guess I need an editor.

  2. Awesome! My kids book I’m writing and illustrating uses something exactly like this…

    See http://www.cindercast.com

    Ollie carries a bandolier of what I call “cinder blocks” slung over her shoulder. She builds little robots out of them. They are much smaller in her world as she’s only 1/4in tall.. So the size of sand grains.

    Very cool. Thanks for posting this Hugh.


  3. If they dress one of these like the Companion Cube from Portal…OH. MY.

  4. And…another step closer to Skynet.

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