Nathan Bransford Spills a Secret…

…self-publishing ain’t rocket science. The hardest bit is writing the book. Everything else takes a week, after which you have an infinite number of widgets that will last your lifetime.

Really worth the read. Short and sweet. Just how I imagine Nathan. But taller.

One response to “Nathan Bransford Spills a Secret…”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Hugh.

    I am reading Nathan’s book now. I’m having a great time reading it, and appreciate his fun approach to a topic usually soaked in a sauce of seriousness with ivory tower croutons on top.

    His book, your advice to aspiring authors posted here, and a few other sources are now part of my reading list for my self initiated MFA writing degree. I’ve also gleaned much from the several interviews you’ve given. The one that resonated most for me was part 1 of the Cool People Podcast. The Caroline Todd story, combined with the smoking metaphor was highly inspirational for me. As an ex-smoker, that sent me straight to my computer to start writing everyday.

    Many thanks again, man!


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