Molly Fyde and the Land of Light

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Okay, the manuscript has been turned into a book. That means the pages are laid out, the formatting is just the way I want it, I have the splash pages and maps in place, the headers and footnotes look good, and the page numbers are down in the corners, happy as little ticks in a dog’s hide. All that’s left is one final reading for typos, which I’m half way through doing as we speak.

Of course, some will survive. They’ll hide behind an em-dash until you guys come along, reading in your beds late at night. Then they’ll jump up and shout, “HEY! LOOKY HERE!”


So, when will the book be out? February first is the official date, but I’ll probably have copies in hand before then. I’ll set something up for pre-orders around the beginning of the year, so those of you that want signed copies can get in the front of the line.

Oh, and if you liked book one, you are going to love book two. If you loved book one, your head just might explode when you finish this puppy.

Happy Holidays!

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