Molly Fyde Fan Art!

What a great week for Molly! I got an email today from a fan who praised the series, saying they liked it even better than Wool (for the characters, he said). This made me ultra-happy. And earlier this week, a review of the series went up along with this awesome piece of crochet:

The same artist made a square for Wool. This time, I suggested a trade: signed books in exchange for the art. This mock-up of Drenard is gonna be framed and hung beside my Publishers Weekly article.

Here’s the review.

8 responses to “Molly Fyde Fan Art!”

  1. I understand you are working on Molly 5. I am hoping it won’t be too long! Any hints?

  2. Hmmm this Molly series is starting to intrigue me, especially once I read her description of Drenard…Molly is next on my list! Hey, and given five books bear her name, I take it the heroine survives book one!

  3. Frederic (rsndn) Avatar
    Frederic (rsndn)

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with the Molly love. Btw, thanks Hugh for the info about the future plans.

    1. My pleasure. And Molly thanks you. :)

  4. I think this might be next on my list to read! I could be inspired enough to draw Molly, too!

  5. Hey Hugh, I was just about to order a signed copy of the Wool Omnibus. How bout a trade for my picture I sent you on Facebook? I plan on doing some more layouts for the images in my head. I just got to get them out.If not I still am gonna order one.

    1. Sure! I thought it was digital. Was that something you actually painted? Because I’d send you more than an Omnibus for the original of that piece.

      You’re talking about the view from the ramp, right?

  6. My wording didn’t come across right. It is a digital painting. Sorry.

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