An Un-Dead Night at the Roof!

We had a blast last night at The Tin Roof. Great crowd. Nobody got visibly sick.

For those who missed it, I hope to have video up in the next hour or so. Stay tuned!

Edit: Vimeo is taking forever. I should have this up in the morning. :)

WARNING!!! Lots of foul and fetid language!!

Zombie reading at The Tin Roof from Hugh Howey on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks again Hugh. Glad you are looking out for us less fortunate.

  2. Just waiting for the Aussie get together now! Alison is telling me on Skype that you are going to do that when your publishing deal here is set up. Great stuff!

  3. Well, it is somewhat of a holiday for a lot of folks (420), so that could be why things are so slow…

    I’m looking forward to seeing this. From the title of this blog post, I’m assuming that you read from I-Z?

  4. Yeah, unless the zombies get ya! Never put anything off ’til morning when the undead are about.

  5. Awesome, thanks for recording that!

  6. Thanks! I’m not sure how much “zombie prose” there is out there, but this was quite entertaining. Rarely does media (any media that I’ve seen) explore what’s going on inside the mind of a zombie. Most assume that there’s nothing TO go on. They’re dead, inside and out. Why give them feelings and any semblance of human nature?

    I think this is a great story so far. Creating sympathy for the people who were once something other than what we assume are mindless animals serving their own basic desire to feed is no easy task. Hope to see/hear more of this in the future!

  7. What a unique and refreshing perspective! It’s brilliant! I will never look at chicken wings the same again…

  8. Mmmm, purple meat … tasty sauce … stuffed intestine
    Sick, sick stuff
    I love it. Can’t wait!!

    Slightly distracting for me though … what the heck was the image in the background of that video?

    Hugh, thanks for sharing!

  9. This is great! Thanks for recording this for the rest of us. I’m not a zombie person or a literary fiction person, but this is an intriguing work. Incidentally, I have a cardboard crown somewhere for eating 51 wings in a single sitting. I’m glad I did that before seeing this.

  10. […] and a bit of his other stories, including his experimental zombie book, I, Zombie. He just posted a video of his live reading of I, Zombie.  There will be a t-shirt giveaway associated with this podcast, so don’t miss out! Share […]

  11. Hugh,

    I am a huge zombie fan. And I agree 100% that literary zombie fiction is ripe for exploring. I love the story. I don’t think I have heard anything quite like it. So I can guaratee you will sell at least one copy if you ever release it. I’m new to your work, having just finished Wool 1 (and enjoyed it quite immensly) and as a new author, have to say you are very inspiring in your success. I hope you continue to find greater success and popularity through your work as it is very deserving.
    Pretty please with a cherry on top, release I, Zombie!


  12. […] off of Twitter, and even hear a little bit about his zombie story, I, Zombie. (Check out his video of reading an excerpt live.) After the main part of the interview, I explain a little about the […]

  13. Those are some chilling chapter ends, Hugh. I think you’ve really got something there, exploring the prisoner motif and transformation of desire. I loved the coffee smell change. I look forward to reading this.

  14. Steven Owens Avatar

    I love the flashlight app. It reminded me of little kids holding up a flashlight under their chins telling ghost stories.

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